Happy New Year and Welcome 2021

What a year it has been! Collectively it feels like we have been in a marathon with the single
goal of 2020 finally ending. With the start of a New Year, it’s a traditional time to acknowledge
and reflect on all that we have experienced. The good, the bad, the challenges and the
triumphs. With the exercise of reflection, we find how resourceful and resilient we actually are.

Every one of us will remember this year of COVID19 with hand washing, sanitizing, social
distancing, and face masks. While the world shut down, we re-established how to keep our
employees and job sites safe to continue working. Many people have struggled and been
affected with the economic and social halt, and we were fortunate to have our work continue
and enjoy the camaraderie of working with each other. We are so proud of our team’s
resilience through this challenging time.

Just as COVID19 hit us in March, we were on our way to the postponed Canadian Home
Builders BC Georgie Awards. In June, we watched the Awards on Zoom and later accepted the
delivery of our Award for Best Custom Home for Lot 4 Southlands. Yay team!!! The property
sold to the new Owner in September. We handed the Emerald project over to the Owners in
December, and they couldn’t be more thrilled with our teams’ efforts in delivering their dream
home! Thank you for each and everyone’s work and commitment to the team this past year.

We were able to share some social distanced cheers and gifts before the holidays and Vision
Pacific also provided a donation to the Food Bank on behalf of all our employees. Earlier in the
year, a donation was also made to WORCA to help their trail building efforts. We know that
many of our employees enjoy recreating on these trails.

Our wish for 2021 is continued health and prosperity for you and your families. Stay Safe!

Tim & Jen